6 Steps To Taking Action & Making It Happen

A course designed to help you set goals, make them happen and feel great about it.

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Ready Set Execute will help you set goals and execute on them through 6 practical steps.


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Here's the problem: Most people have great difficulty setting and achieving goals. They plan them, but they don't take action to make them happen. They start on the process, but then they quit. This is what I call the goal-setting gap.



This course is all about helping you avoid this goal-setting gap. It's all about providing you successful strategies that you can take action on and achieve your goals - whatever they are.



This course will help you achieve your goals and improve your confidence in yourself to do so.

Chris Latham

Digital Renaissance Man

Chris Latham is that person you meet who always has a smile on his face. The smile may come from him having just eaten a peanut butter cupcake, or from him thinking about something funny. More often that not the smile and positive ENERGY comes from him having a different Perspective in life.

The two words to best describe him is RELENTLESSLY OPTIMISTIC. Something that has been developed over the course of his life.  Being a blend of a dreamer and a realist he chooses to see the good in people first. If you take away one thing from him is that HAPPINESS LOVES COMPANY.


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*Originally I as planned to charge a fee($89) for people to get access to the course. Then I thought back to when I started my journey how many courses I could not get access to due to the price. I believe that money should never be the reason why I can't help someone level up.????????

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Money Back Guarantee

If you are reading this well then thank you for making it this far. Let's be honest here the course is FREE so ain't no money back. Have an AWESOME day!????????‍♂️

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