Goal Setting

Ready, Set, Execute!

1 Module 0 Chapters 10 Lessons Easy

About this course

Ready, Set, EXECUTE! Is all about you taking action. A goal-setting course that focuses on planning out everything you need to do and learn so you can get WINS.

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Course Structure


My 3 Words

Let's set the tone for the next 12 months.

Let’s Get Warmed Up

Get help on what to think about.

Step 1 – BIGGER Goals

Let's zoom out and think of your bigger goals.

Step 2 – 5 Years From Today I…

What does your life look like 5 years from today?

Step 3 – My 1 Year Goal

Let's set up a 12-month plan.

Step 4 – My Top Reasons

Let's dive deep and figure out your WHYs.

Step 5 – Got Skills?

Do an inventory of the skills you will be needing.

Step 6 – The Blueprint

Let's create a Master Plan.

Step 7 – A Commitment to Myself

Write your personal contract to execute.

Step 8 - Leave a Testimonial

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